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APICS magazine, a leading publication providing relevant and useful information to supply chain professionals, now moves beyond print presentation and into digital tablet and web apps. APICS magazine allows busy professionals to keep up with fresh perspectives. Our iOS and Android apps offer access to even more material. Readers will find interactive graphics, live links to reach article authors, as well as links to products and upcoming events. This increased access to our regular departments and features will make it even easier to keep up with solutions for your business. Click here to view APICS magazine online.

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Compatibility: While subject to change, the app is currently compatible with iOS tablets and Android devices running the 4.0.3 OS and later. For an optimal Android experience, it is recommended to view on the most recent OS. The web view is supported on the most recent and previous desktop versions of more common browsers, such as Safari, Firefox, and Chrome for Mac and Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome for PC. 

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