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Introducing the APICS S&OP Education Certificate

APICS offers a comprehensive, forward-looking program that will prepare you to collaboratively participate in the sales and operations planning (S&OP) process. By earning this certificate, you demonstrate your commitment to and understanding of the principles and functions of sales and operations planning.

How to earn the APICS S&OP Education Certificate

To earn the certificate, you must complete 12 contact hours of APICS education - 7 from the core topics and 5 from the elective topics. See the table to the right for specific topic areas. 

Ways to complete educational hours: 

  • APICS S&OP Seminars  
    These 7-hour events give you a comprehensive look at the elements of data collection, performing demand and supply planning, and conducting the pre- and executive S&OP meetings for your organization. They include 7 of the 7 required core topics toward the APICS S&OP certificate. Learn more at apics.org/seminars
  • APICS S&OP Workshop 
    Understanding the components of the S&OP process is one thing, but actually conducting the 5 Step S&OP process is another. The one-day S&OP Workshop fills this gap by providing participants an opportunity to perform a simulated S&OP process from beginning to end. By the conclusion of the workshop, participants will acquire a basket of practical tools to make their S&OP programs work more smoothly, enhance forecast accuracy, increase productivity, and reduce operational costs. Learn more and register today.
  • APICS 2016 and Best of the Best S&OP Conference
    By attending key S&OP educational sessions at either APICS 2016 or the Best of the Best S&OP Conferences you can earn up to 5 of the 5 required elective topics (see table) necessary to earn your certificate.
  • Optimizing the S&OP Supply Review Process
    Watch this free recording of the webinar given by Patrick Bower. During the webinar, Bower will touch on the basics of the Supply Review process and share best practices. Learn how to set a cadence for the process and how to incorporate metrics and other important tools.

APICS S&OP Education Certificate─ Tracking your progress  

Download the APICS S&OP Education Certificate transcript to log core and elective educational sessions. Once you have completed the requirements submit the transcript to pdadmin@apics.org for processing.

Additional Resources

Want to learn more? Watch this online presentation given by Anthony Zampello, APICS Master Instructor, that gives an introduction to Sales and Operations Planning. Learn what S&OP is, why you should care about it, and how you can obtain the APICS S&OP Certificate.

To earn the APICS S&OP Education Certificate, you must complete the following:

1 contact hour in each of the following core required topics

  • SOPC1 S&OP Foundations

  • SOPC2 The five step S&OP process

  • SOPC3 S&OP Inputs - demand and operations planning

  • SOPC4 Building and working with S&OP grids and graphs

  • SOPC5 Managing the output from the S&OP process

  • SOPC6 Organizing product families for S&OP

  • SOPC7 Attributes, objectives and benefits of S&OP

    5 contact hours of the following elective topics 

    Five or more contact hours of elective topics for the S&OP certificate will be presented at both APICS 2016 and the Best of the Best S&OP Conference. Qualifying sessions will be noted in the conference program materials.

  • APICS S&OP reports and folios
    Download today to start building your knowledge today.