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APICS Career Packs

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APICS career packs contain job descriptions, career paths, and competency models by title for supply chain and operations management careers. These career-focused packages help you manage your career growth by strategically setting goals and measuring your progress against information provided by peers in similar positions across the globe. Free for members! | $29.95 for nonmembers

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APICS career packs provide industry professionals and practitioners, hiring managers, human resource professionals, and job seekers with valuable information, including the skills, knowledge, and experience supply chain managers must possess, typical career paths for supply chain managers, responsibilities and tasks required of each job function.

Each APICS career pack contains
  • Introduction and career pack how-to guide
  • APICS career paths
  • APICS job descriptions
    • Job role overview
    • Keywords for job postings
    • Building a job description
    • Job description example
    • Job seekers: reviewing job descriptions.
  • APICS competency model
  • Appendix: Understanding job descriptions.

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APICS competency models follow guidelines set by the Employment and Training Administration of the United States Department of Labor. They define the knowledge, skills, abilities, and capabilities required to successfully perform critical work functions or tasks per role.