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Utilizing the career resources APICS offers will help you move your career to the next level. APICS offers many options for both job seekers and those looking to advance in their current position, alike. 

Take advantage of the career tools and resources APICS offers:

APICS Career Center

Job seekers and employers and HR managers alike will find solutions at the Career Center. Whether you are looking for a new job, wanting to expand your skill sets or interested in career development tools to keep up with the rapid rate of change in your workplace environment, the APICS Career Center can help you. 

The APICS Career Center can help you take charge of the talent you bring into your organization. You need to find seasoned professionals in the tops of their field in order to remain vital in today’s competitive market. 

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APICS Mentor Center

New APICS member benefit! The APICS Mentor Center is an online program that facilitates connections  between supply chain professionals to help establish mentor or mentee relationship. Mentorship relationships can help mentees explore future career paths, expand their professional network, and gain knowledge and perspective on the supply chain industry. It is also equally fulfilling for mentors to contribute to someone’s growth and development.

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APICS Career Coach

Rodney Apple, founder and president of SCM Talent Group, LLC – a national supply chain recruiting and executive search firm, has partnered with APICS to develop career resources for members. 

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APICS competency models

Available to the public! These tools were developed to allow professionals like you to rank your skills against other professionals and identify areas for improvement, as well as to assist hiring managers as they evaluate and compare candidates.
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APICS career packs

Free for APICS members! APICS career packs contain job descriptions, career paths, and competency models by title for supply chain and operations management careers. These career-focused packages help you manage your career growth by strategically setting goals and measuring your progress against information provided by peers in similar positions across the globe. 

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Career development resources

APICS connects you to a vast number of career development resources that are constantly be enhanced. Learn more about the available resources.